Unfold to Become –

This project is about cultivating space for people to come home to themselves, through intentional mindfulness experiences. Alex draws on her knowledge and insights gained from trainings in yoga, yoga nidra, tantric meditation, and breathwork to illuminate the path to help awaken radiant self love, spacious rest and rejuvenation, and blissful inner peace. She believes that by tending to our inner garden our external world blossoms to its fullest potential.

Mindfulness guides us to be fully present, awake and alive, curious about now. Waking up from a dream. Even the dream itself. Breathing in, you are here. Breathing out, it is now. The more you can be in the present moment, the more you realize you are always in the middle of a sacred space. You are always home. 

Yoga is freedom and self awareness, vulnerability 
and openness, connection and oneness.

Offerings –

Each experience is created intentionally and uniquely depending on the person or group and the intention behind the practice.

Yoga Nidra –

Yoga Nidra is the yoga of conscious sleep. It’s a meditation practice that allows you to access your deeper levels of consciousness, while remaining awake. It’s a creative and imaginative practice that encourages you to think less and feel more. One session can give your body up to 3 hours of deep sleep. It diminishes levels of stress and anxiety, enhances your cognitive performance and memory, balances your nervous system, and strengthens your immune system. This is a beautiful practice that is accessible to everyone.

Tantric Meditation & Sound Healing –

A practice of stilling the waters of your mind and meeting yourself. In Tantra, the whole can be seen and experienced in the partial; the partial is an expression of the whole. In order to make a change in your outer world, you must first tend to your inner world. Infusing this practice with sound through crystal singing bowls helps to facilitate entry into the meditative state.

Breathwork –

The breath automatically connects the ordinary self to the deeper self. When we control the breath, we begin to unidentify with the things outside of ourselves, and draw awareness within. This practice offers you the chance to let go of the mind-stuff and drop into your body, where you are here and now. Breathwork encourages embodiment, releases stuck energy, helps process trauma, increases mental clarity, reduces stress and anxiety, and inspires creativity.  

*All offerings can be curated for a private or group experience. Virtual offerings are also available.


“A Homecoming” Event

An experience to drop into the true self through cacao, breath, yoga nidra, sound healing, and community.